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7 Secrets From #ACKcoffee Baristas!

 1. Ask Your Barista

Feeling in a bit of a coffee rut? Ordering the same drink without really loving it? That’s what your barista is here for. Don’t be afraid to ask your barista for their recommendation. Let them know what you typically enjoy and they’ll be able to craft the perfect drink for you.

2. BYOM (Bring Your Own Mug)

Not only will coffee always taste better out of your favorite (clean) mug rather than a paper cup, it also saves on waste and most coffee shops, including the Handlebar, offer a discount when you bring your own!

3. Try Sweetening Your Coffee With Honey

Want a little sweetness in your brew? Try adding honey next time. Why honey? It’s a more flavorful, less refined and likely more local form of sweetness. More flavor and less guilt? Pass the honey please.

4. Try an Americano

Love the rich flavors of espresso but don’t want so much milk? Try an Americano. Americanos are a combination of 2-3 shots of espresso with 10-14 ounces of hot water. The resulting drink is fresh, bold and flavorful but it’s also big enough so you can enjoy sipping it for longer than an espresso.

5. Get the Most Out of Your Cappuccino

Love cappuccinos but wish there was a little more foam? Or maybe a little less foam? Tell your barista! You can ask for a “dry” cappuccino to get extra foam or a “wet” cappuccino to get more steamed milk.

6. Travel the Globe (of flavor!)

Did you know that, like wine, the region a coffee bean is grown in has a huge effect on flavor? That’s right. A coffee from Africa will taste much lighter, and fruitier than a coffee from Central America which are often chocolatier and nuttier in taste. Try different regions to see which are your favorites.

7. Try a Pourover

If you’re not short on time, definitely try a pour over. What’s a pour over you ask? It’s a coffee brewing method where you pour water over fresh grounds to extract the full range of coffee flavors straight into your cup. Pour overs typically take three to six minutes, however you’re left with one of the freshest, most flavorful cups of coffee you can get.


Baristas really love what they do and love helping all of their customers from PSL drinkers to no-frills coffee sippers find the perfect drink so don’t be shy!  See all of the barista fun with this fresh video that JUST launched from the Handlebar Crew!